Riding rental ADV motorcycle off-road with Outback Motortek

Sure thing! Not too concerned. Outback Motortek makes and outfits its fleet of motorcycles with drop tested crash bars and skid plates. 

It’s not unusual that one cannot rent an adventure touring motorcycle with 50/50 or even knobby tires, only street tires. Then it defeats the purpose of renting an adventure bike. We don’t agree with it but that’s our business. Literally!


We’re launching a brand new service of renting out adventure and dual sport motorcycles. Yes, with off-road capable tires, crash bars, skid plates, pannier racks etc.

That’s alright, one would say. It’s not a major deal, I agree.

However, our depots in Virginia and Hungary are nearby or even surrounded by official off-road trails for motorized vehicles (motorcycles) to explore. Heck, maps and exact trails can be download for free for Europe and the USA here: TET Europe, BDR USA. I already posted a blog on the main Outback Motortek website in more details about how this new business came about. Read upon it here: Rent, Ride and Roam with Outback Motortek. 

What else to expect in terms of blog posts, newsletters and social media posts? We’ll definitely keep you entertained not only with images and stories but I’d like to share my experiences and tips as an overland rider having explored three different continents by “roughing” it. Wild camping, staying with random but totally friendly locals, border crossing procedures, shipping bikes vs. renting (without being biased) and everything else overland, adventure riding related. A note in advance: if you’re keen on traveling extensively, please do visit, read and support our friends at Horizons Unlimited.

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