Outback Motortek

Background history and milestones

More than just a business.

Welcome to our "About us" page. This is Lorry Gombos, the founder and owner of Outback Motortek. Outback Motortek's story goes back quite a few years when Kelli Gombos, my wife and co-founder of Outback Motortek roamed all across Central Asia and the Balkan region on a Suzuki DL 650 Vstrom. To achieve this, we relied on more family involvement.

Namely my father George Gombos and my brother Denes Gombos. See, my father established a small, tiny metal fabrication shop in the early 80’s in Hungary with a partner. My brother and I grew up watching our father’s enterprise grow and we became involved in every segment of it early on. The other thing we got inspired by is our father’s passion for motorcycles. By the 90’s we all rode motorcycles in the backcountry of Eastern Hungary. We can call it an epic adventure in the making!

How so? Well, despite my brother and I parting ways from the enterprise to gain experience elsewhere around the world, we still ended up contributing to what our father has built. The small, tiny backyard shop has turned into a large factory over the decades and both Denes and I found ways to get involved once again.

Kelli and I established our enterprise and we named it Outback Motortek only a few months after crossing Central Asia and South Eastern Europe. I began to design motorcycle accessories such as crash bars, skid plate and luggage racks back in 2013 in British Columbia, then Ontario in Canada.

Denes returned to factory to run the warehouse and quality control thanks to his experience and expertise gained while working for other companies.

Our father does what he knows best: overseeing manufacturing and him and I develop products together.

This bring us to the motorcycle rental branch of Outback Motortek. Why and how this idea came?

We invest into the latest and greatest adventure and dual-sport motorcycles. We have to have them for development and fitment purposes and product testing. Generally we keep our bikes for a couple of years to make sure of the fitment of the products and in case we decide to develop something new based on demand.

Friends and friend’s friends have asked us to rent our bikes to them and we have because we can afford depending on the status of each development.

This wouldn’t be enough to start a motorcycle rental business though. Luckily our factory and rental depot is in a region surrounded by beautiful landscapes starting from magical grasslands to high peaks with unspoilt nature only a couple of hours away.

The US warehouse and depot is owned and run by our US East importer Mark Carrera. His location couldn’t be any better to rent out motorcycles. Blue Ridge Parkway, Tail of the Dragon, MABDR, Washington D.C., Virginia Beach are just a few things from the amazing list.

We enjoy riding established trails as well and we’d like you to enjoy some time away from the asphalt roads. Hence we encourage you to try some parts of the Trans Euro Trail (EU) or the MABDR in the US depending on your off-road skills level, of course.