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European Union


  • New for 2020! Launch your motorcycle journey from Spain. More details soon as we’re mapping out some stunning routes on the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Start your motorcycle adventure from Eastern Hungary, take on 200-300kms of winding mountain roads, stop for a goulash lunch in Budapest and end up near Lake Balaton for a swim.
  • Our depot in Hungary is only a short ride away from some of the most amazing backcountry in Transylvania’s Carpathian Mountain range.
  • Do you fancy leaving the asphalt? Eastern Hungary and Transylvania together feature over 3000km off-road section as part of the Trans Euro Trail system. Learn more of the TET below.

United States


  • Explore the American East while riding some of the most beautiful roads and backcountry in the region such as the Appalachian mountains, majestic forests, bucolic farming landscapes, Amish country, and locations that played pivotal roles in early American history.
  • Immerse yourself into many different and unique cultures of the American South.
  • Enjoy the curves? Blue Ridge Parkway or the Tail of the Dragon will keep you entertained or you can just chill at Virginia Beach.
  • The famous Mid-Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route is only 80 miles away. MABDR is a scenic ride for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles that uses dirt, gravel and paved roads to wind through remote parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Discover Backcountry Trails

Whether you choose to rent our bikes in the European Union or the United States, you won’t be disappointed with the variety of terrain and landscape. The absolute best thing about adventure and dual-sport motorcycles is the ability to mix up on and off-road riding depending on your mood.

Get Ready

There’s no better time than now to explore on two wheels! With the help of modern technology one just needs to pre-load tracks on his/her GPS device and follow routes created and shared by very enthusiastic riders.

Ride and Roam with Off-road Ready Motorcycles

What’s unique about Outback Motortek’s rental fleet? Our motorcycles serve primarily development purposes. We specialize in designing and manufacturing crash bars, engine guards, skid plates and multifunctional luggage systems. We find it challenging to constantly test products. By renting out our fully equipped motorcycles, our customers can help us improve our accessories.

Tires? We generally use 50/50 (off-road/on-road) premium brand tires to make our motorcycles capable of being true dual purposes machines.

Dirt Tracks

Our depots are just a short ride away from off-road sections.
Trans Euro Trail:

Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route:

  • Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania – Click Here